Some Day to Day differences between teaching and working in an office

Everyone was really nice

Today I started my new job and for the first time since I left university that hasn’t involved teaching. I’m really excited about my development career and the next steps but I thought it would be interesting to notice the differences between working in a classroom and working in an office. I’ve kept my eyes open today and these are some of the things I’ve noticed.

  • Being able to go to the loo when I need to.
  • Having one desk and not losing time forgetting things in my office, classroom, staff room, department office, tea room, colleagues room, etc.
  • Being responsible for my own things and not the resources and books for 30 others.
  • Having to actively decide when to start work, have a break, finish work rather than movement being controlled by bells and published timetables.
  • Being surrounded and interacting entirely with adults during the work day.
  • Being given the time to read the compliance documents that I need to read.
  • Access to quality tea and coffee when needed.
  • Consistent energy levels – not the same adrenaline fueled performances.
  • A general positivity about the work that is happening from everyone.
  • Lots of accepted geekiness and long-standing in jokes.
  • Intrinsically motivated – wanting to produce quality for good – feels less driven by others’ agendas.

I’m not imagining that I’ve arrived in utopia but similarly I was ready for this change.

I spent most of today reading documents, getting to know some things about our major on-going projects and getting my development machine setup.  I also got to do the crossword, geek out about sci-fi novels and try to get an arduino-based theremin up-and-running.  It was fun day and I had enough energy to come home, read with the boys and hang out with my beautiful wife.

I know it’s only the first day but it was a good one.

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