Hi!  I’m Kevin (and that’s my beautiful wife).  I’m a husband, dad, teacher, coffee-lover, who hails from Northern Ireland but lives and works in the south of England.

I am passionate about education being a series of interlocking partnerships rather than something that is ‘done’ to a child or ‘done’ for a parent or carer.  I look for opportunities to maximise and enhance the relationships that are already there, seeking specifically to empower parents to feel informed to ask questions and to challenge in supportive and helpful ways.  I spend time reading research, engaging with professionals and parents, asking questions and looking for answers.

Everything I do here seeks to be evidence-based, parent-empowering and child-focused.

My Story

I started teaching Maths to 11-to-18 year-old students in 2004 and have worked in a variety of school situations in the UK.  I have helped support students who have struggled to count and students who have been preparing for Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams.  I have worked with primary school children and with adults and am passionate about everyone having the capacity to learn and grow.

Every year, I sit as a teacher at parent-teacher conferences and see engaged, well-meaning parents struggle to know what to ask or how to support their struggling or excelling child.  I want to end this.

I became a parent in 2012 and noticed how quickly parents can feel out of their depth.  The number of professionals that weigh in on what should and should not be happening at every stage is both overwhelming and, in a lot of cases, contradictory.

I want parents to be able to take a lead in conversations about their children – they know them best and are their best advocates.  I want to help break down any barriers that stand in the way of this happening and allow parents to develop and enhance tools to help them support and challenge their children.


Next Steps…

I’d love for you to be on this journey with me.  I don’t quite know what it will look like.  I’ll need your help to direct me to where the barriers are or to re-direct me if I’m heading in the wrong direction.

I’ll be creating content on this website and also maintaining a mailing list to help provide targeted and relevant advice, information and content.

As a first step, I’ve created a guide to help decode some of the edu-speak that can be around education.  Those words and phrases that teachers use without realising not everyone is spending all day surrounded by education.  Just sign up below with your name and email, I’ll send you this guide and add you to my ever growing mailing list.

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